I been trying to draw the pages but cant seem to find any groove to settle on. Been looking at some old time favourites of mine, Jorge Zaffino, Al Williamson, Arthur Ranson.  Not trying to immulate anyone but just trying to get into a mindset of how to draw this sucker.

I was never planning on having it coloured, but had a stab. I kinda like the results, maybe?


Managing to squeeze the odd hour of free time every so often to work on this. The entire story is now mapped out,and the first chunk of scirpt is ready to go to drawing. So the marathon of drawing will commence very very soon.

To put some pretty pictures up in this update, my good Friend and collegue, Henrik Sahlström, drew up the Magpie. Sweet sweet stuff indeed:



More of Henriks work can be found here, go check it out: http://bumhand.deviantart.com/

lunch time sketches, exploring the style i guess. Looks sound enough.


Caliban the cannibal, very rough concept of one of the bad guys to appear in the first issue.


I should add that initially i had invisioned him to be a plain normal guy, Pastel shirt and chinos type. But i think for a quick scene in a comic i needed to go OTT on him so the reader would buy hes evil.Maybe in a movie i could be more subtle…who knows.

Spent the Christmas vacation time at my home in Sweden due to airports being down, so wrote pretty much the entire story in note form and completed the script for the first issue. So before i start drawing the pages i needed to nail what the character looked like. Bit diffrent from the inital illustration that sparked this all off, but this is pretty close to how i imagine him to look.

Quick evenings work;


Hopefully ill have pages up next time!!


Thanks to anyone who might actually follow this.



The Forgotten – CIA-espue spooks that were once part of the special unit our main character the Magpie went AWOl from.

Codenames, left to right: Rook, Starling, Kestrel, Sparrow.

i liked the previous head study so i tried to do more with that face in mind but they look totally diffrent, i suck!

Had a stab at the Magpie in a more suitable traditional style( or at least traditional in my mind) Took around 40mins for this sketch but i wasted a bunch of time figuring stuff out, so i think i can cut it donw to 20 30mins, which is promising for a future page. But time isnt a worry for me, id rather make something good at the end.

Nothing to do with the story here at all, just having fun trying my hand out at some pages.

These are my first and only comic pages ive ever drawn, hopefully not to crappy.

They’re both experiments in styles. I like this style for my other comic Unadorned Coffer, but for this i wanna go more ‘comic’ and i think i will look at the likes of Charest, Ribic for the future.

P.S It says Los hope occasionally on some images. This isnt a typo but i play on lost hope and cities like L.A. So it is the name of the fictional city that this story takes place in ( clever right?). More info about the city will develop as things progress…hopefully

First off we have an his apartment, we could call it the magpies nest or some other lame name. it isnt a pleasant place really, but he likes it, reminds him that he doesnt need much in life. His smokes, whiskey and his two fists.

A villain? Maybe i dont know yet, initially she was the big bad guy, a latino/yakuza gang boss who liked to get all primeval and rip limbs off. But i think she would be better suited as some sort off disfuctional love interest for the magpie.?. maybe.

Shes just called boss lady, to everyone.

This blog is the progression and collection of my comic idea and work. The goal being to put together a pitch pack for a story I am writing and illustrating. Enjoy.